About us

Mable is a small and mighty venture-backed startup tackling inefficiencies in the grocery business. When our CEO bought a grocery store a few years ago, he was struck by how hard it is for small businesses in the food and beverage space to do business together. So, we put an experienced team together to change that.

Today, Mable makes it easier for grocers to order from their suppliers and discover emerging brands in one place. We’re determined to eliminate the procurement inefficiencies that exist across multiple distributor & direct supplier platforms, so small businesses can do more of what they love: making and selling.

Our team

The people behind our company

Arik Keller
Founder & CEO
Michelle Hipwood
Lucy He
VP of Product
Jared Egan
VP of Engineering
Alex Temple
Director of Marketing
John Leonelli
Director of Sales
Cindy Tsai
Director of Experience Design
Griffin Schneider
Principal Engineer
Henry Blevins
Software Engineer
Breton Lefebvre
Software Engineer
Kristin Keller
Business Development, Brands
Tim Leonard
Sales & Marketing Manager
Tim Sayers
Account Executive
Matt Pavlinsky
Software Architect
Julia Harnett
Brand Specialist
John FairField-Sonn
Software Engineer
Jenny Qui
Product Designer
James Garfield
Principal Engineer
Jason Kim
Data Analyst
Danny Magalhaes
Account Manager
Dana Young
Account Executive
Chris Carpenter
Senior Marketing Manager
Cale Gooby
Sales Associate
Rosie Gendron
Brand Specialist
Melissa Seresky
Marketing Manager
Katherine Ghantous
Business Development


Boston, MA


Mostly remote with an office in the Boston's Seaport district.